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Chrystus się rodzi / Christ Is Born / ХРИСТОС СЕ РОДИ! ВАИСТИНУ СЕ ХРИСТОС РОДИ!

Posted by grypa666 w dniu 05/01/2016

Chrystus się rodzi / Christ Is Born / ХРИСТОС СЕ РОДИ! ВАИСТИНУ СЕ ХРИСТОС РОДИ!

Z tej prawosławnej okazji składam bywalcom moich blogów, przyjaciołom, współracownikom i sympatykom jak najlepsze życzenia. – PB

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Ukraińskie kolędy prawosławne

FOTO Boże Narodzenie w Rosji

VIDEO Putin na Wigilię w cerkwi

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A very merry Christmas to all our Orthodox Christian brothers and sisters. – TheUglyTruth

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Dear friends,

We want to wish you a merry Serbian Christmas and update you on our latest humanitarian delivery! With your help, 28. Jun members brought the holiday spirit of giving to the Sorgic and Susa families in Kistanje, as well as the local Orthodox monastery in the area, Ocestovo. This was our biggest donation to Serbs in Krajina in nearly 3 years and comprised of the following:

– The Sorgic family, have 4 young daughters and both of the parents are unemployed and thus unable to provide. They said the family often goes hungry and they lack winter clothes. After consulting with the parents, our members purchased brand new winter jackets and boots for all the girls and enough food and hygiene products to last them for the winter.

– The Susa family, Ljubica (60) and Jovo (65) and their daughter Milena (16) are one of the few returnee families to Kistanje after the war in Croatia. The entire family lives off one meager pension and they also asked for winter clothing, boots and runners for the spring. Our members took Milena to Sibenik to pick out the right sizes and also donated household and personal hygiene products to the family, who were overjoyed for the gifts.

– Our third donation was to Ocestovo monastery, which is near Kistanje. Our members were welcomed by Monk Heruvim and Father Radomir, to whom we donated 25 gift packages, which we put in their trust to distribute to children in the neighboring villages on Christmas day.
We also made a contribution for their Christmas day feast which serves all the families in the area and we received a blessing for our donation.

The first two deliveries of our Help Serbian Families project were successfully completed to the Djergovic family near Zajecar, Serbia and the Todorovic family near Banja Luka, Republika Srpska in late December. With the Krajina portion now complete as well, this leaves the Bogovac family in Podgorica, Montenegro and the maternity ward in Kosovska Mitrovica as the 2 remaining humanitarian deliveries we plan to finish before Serbian New Years. The Montenegro portion would have already been complete had it not been disrupted by a brutal politically-driven attack on our partner, Vladislav Dajkovic. Dajkovic was unable to make his delivery as he was violently beaten and left hospitalized by the manager of the ‚Stefan Braun’ nightclub and Milo Djukanovic associate Dejan Dragovic. The donation was intended for the Bogavac family, who live on only €63 a month, which they receive from social services, while caring for 3 young children. Dajkovic and 28. Jun Vice President and native of Berane, Montenegro, Milo Dubak both released defiant statements vowing to finish the humanitarian delivery and continue to fight for justice in Montenegro.

28. Jun values every cent donated to our organization and will complete the task our supporters and donors entrust us in. We promise to make good on both planned deliveries to Serbs in Montenegro and Kosovo i Metohija! Please support us:

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Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!
I Pogodnych i Spokojnych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia!
Dla ciebie Pietucha i calej Twojej Rodziny!

ps. Daj to oredzie u siebie! Co za kazanie!!!!

PB: Jeśli Ojcowie Ujkowiccy narzekają na judaizowaną chierarchię, to jest b. źle.


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